Asbestos Awareness

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Course Hours
30 minute course
Identify which common items may contain asbestos and what the legal requirements are in relation to their handling.
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Asbestos is a life-threatening substance if inhaled. Everyone can be at risk if asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are damaged or disturbed, resulting in fibres being released into the air. Working on or near damaged ACMs or breathing in high levels of asbestos fibres, which may be many hundreds of times that of environmental levels, can increase your chances of getting an asbestos-related disease.

This introductory course will help you identify what common structural items may contain ACMs and what the legal requirements are in relation to their handling.

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By the end of the course, you will be able to understand:

  • What asbestos is and why is it dangerous.
  • How to identify the three main types of asbestos.
  • The risks of asbestos in the workplace.
  • Where asbestos may exist in buildings.
  • Legislation, policies and procedures.


This course is aimed at anyone whose role may bring them into contact with asbestos or ACMs.


An online course with interactive eLearning.


This course covers the following topics:-

  • What is Asbestos?
  • Asbestos in Buildings
  • Legislations, policies & procedures


There is no formal assessment, but you will be quizzed throughout the course to assess your level of understanding.