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Coach for Results teaches you how to incorporate coaching techniques into your management style to grow confidence, capability and enthusiasm in the people around you. It will enable you to become a more effective manager and consistently guide your team to better results. Change your conversation, organisation, industry.

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Traditionally, the construction industry has been focused on the technical side of things. However, young construction professionals have told us that the people side of the industry is something they feel needs focusing on in order to maintain a positive environment where individuals can achieve excellence. They want to be supported and coached, they want to be listened to, and they want to build strong relationships and networks – all without losing sight of what’s needed to get the job built in a high-pressure environment.

Designed with young professionals in mind and drawing on the trainers 45 years’ experience in the construction industry, Coach for Results challenges the “command-and-control” management style. This management style demotivates people, increases stress and suppresses initiative, engagement and innovation.

Our course equips you with coaching skills to raise colleagues’ awareness of the barriers they face, which empowers them to take responsibility for moving forward in order to own and better fulfil their accountabilities. This will lead to more proactive and strategic responses to emerging issues such as subcontractor performance, the risk of disputes and friction in the wider delivery team.

Participants will become more effective in their jobs by unleashing the talent latent in the people around them to achieve consistently good results. As a coaching culture emerges in their companies, employers can expect smoother, more reliable business performance, a more agile and innovative layer of operational management, a happier, more engaged and loyal workforce, and greater ease in attracting top talent.

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By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Get things done through their people, rather than relying on command and control.
  • Create enthusiastic, productive relationships and networks bonded by a common purpose.
  • Get team buy-in for stretching, transformative goals.
  • Hold difficult conversations with confidence and ease.
  • Respond flexibly and proactively to instances of poor performance and friction in project teams before conflict snowballs.
  • Achieve repeated success for career progression.
  • Become and agent for change in your team, organisation and the industry.


Coach for Results is designed for:

  • Younger construction professionals who are or aim to be managers of teams, projects, or processes in the industry.
  • Experienced managers looking to refresh and expand their leadership style.
  • Anyone who deals with people and wants to deliver better results.


The course consists of two, stimulating five minute videos released each week over 10 weeks, which set out the essentials of a coaching approach. Participants can view the videos in their own time and start using the coaching tools right away.

Each week has an interesting in-work assignment allowing participants to practice what they are learning, and participants share their findings with written feedback that allows them to network and learn from each other.

“Really fantastic insights all the way. Dave really understands the industry and the issues in industry leadership. His experience is clear to see. Easy and practical ways to apply a coaching management style to day-to-day life. Easy to understand snippets of information, but snippets with big thinking and big impacts within it. Assignments which provided opportunity to apply the lessons and concepts but also space to reflect upon how to improve. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone in a leadership role, whether you are new or experienced. I truly believe this approach will open up much more favourable results for individuals, for projects, businesses and the industry” Anne Okafor.


Topics covered include:

  • The dynamics of personal and professional performance improvement;
  • A working knowledge of the coaching process, and what it is (and is not);
  • How to start and finish a coaching conversation;
  • An introduction to systems thinking and relationships;
  • How to set stretching goals and measure progress toward them;
  • How to foster confidence in oneself and others.


Interactive E-learning course



Coach for Results was created by Dave Stitt FCIOB, a Chartered civil engineer and Professional Certified Coach with 45 years in the construction industry. Dave rose up the ranks at Taylor Woodrow, then Birse, before leading an award-winning culture change programme at Wates. For the last two decades he has coached executive teams leading companies and some of the largest projects in the UK. His latest book, Deep and Deliberate Delegation: A New Art for Unleashing Talent and Winning Back Time, is on the recommended reading list of Hult-Ashridge business school’s executive education programme.