Conflict Resolution

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30 minute course
Avoid the consequences that conflict in the workplace can cause before it leads to more serious problems.
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Conflict in the workplace environment can lead to multiple negative consequences. High staff turnover, absenteeism, excess sick leave, productivity problems and a poor company culture are just a few results of workplace conflict that is poorly handled. If conflict is not adequately dealt with, it can potentially lead to more serious HR and legal problems for an organisation. This course teaches the techniques to avoid the aforementioned negative consequences conflict can cause.

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By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the common causes of conflict.
  • Describe two forms of communication.
  • Give examples of communication breakdown.
  • Explain three examples of communication models that can assist in conflict resolution.
  • Describe patterns of behaviours they may encounter during different interactions.
  • Explain the difference between warning and danger signs.
  • Give examples of impact factors.
  • Describe the use of distance when dealing with conflict.
  • Explain the use of reasonable force as it applies to conflict resolution.
  • Describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situations.


This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to know how to deal effectively with conflict within the workplace.


An online course with interactive eLearning.


This course covers the following topics:-

  • Communication skills
  • Recognising warning signs
  • Cultural awareness
  • De-escalation techniques
  • What does conflict in the workplace environment look like?
  • Causes of conflict and aggression
  • Values & beliefs
  • Communication models
  • Common workplace conflicts


There is no formal assessment, but you will be quizzed throughout the course to assess your level of understanding.