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3 hour course
This short course takes you through the cycle of a project, from early inception and defining the scope through to the post completion review and in use. This short introductory course will help those who are new to project management in construction to contribute to and participate in projects more effectively.
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Projects make things happen – and project management in construction and development is a key to deliver the changes that improve services to customers and clients, increase operational and organisational effectiveness, introduce process change and create new facilities and functions. All types of roles participate in construction projects, so what exactly is project management in construction?

Projects are what the organisations use to make things happen – to change things for better. Project management for construction and development is an introductory course which provides the fundamentals necessary to work alongside a project team and may serve as the first step on your path to project management in built environment.

Comprised of a summarised selection of modules from our best-selling course Construction project Management– doing it right, this course will give you the very basics of the language, process and methodology following the key stages of a project.

This course will allow you to familiarise yourself with the nuances of project management in construction and support your confidence when working in project environments, benefiting your own development as well as your organisation.


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By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • understand the key stages and basic terminologies of a construction project
  • understand the key resources involved in each stage and how they contribute
  • have a basic overview of the key processes and considerations in each stage of the project life cycle


This course is for you, if you:

  • work in the construction project management sector and are looking to get familiar with the terminologies, processes and the skills required
  • need some understanding of how a construction project can be managed
  • thinking about becoming a construction project manager and need some initial support with the technical aspects to get you going
  • a student from a non-construction background looking to gain some introductory exposure to construction and built environment


An online course with interactive eLearning videos.


The course will cover:

  1. Initiation of a construction project (inception and feasibility) – how does it begin, who are the key resources, who does what and what is the outcome.
  2. Shaping the construction project (strategy) – the legal, commercial and contractual perspective, what are the ways of delivering (choices and options available),who are the key resources, who does what and what is the outcome, a need/risk based approach.
  3. Delivering the construction project (pre-construction, construction and testing & commissioning) – how to control the delivery (including safety and quality), who does what and what is the outcome.
  4. Completing the construction project (links with completion/hand over/occupation and post completion review) – who does what, and what is the output and outcome.


An e-Learning course – there is no assessment, you will receive a certificate of completion following the course.


Arnab Mukherjee MSc, MBA, B Engg, FCIOB FAPM CMgr FCMI 

Arnab heads up a project management team in public sector delivering and managing projects of a wide variety in range, risk and complexity. He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, starting as a site engineer, working for main contractor, developer and client in the UK and overseas – both in public and private sector.

Arnab has strong experience of various procurement and tendering practices including frameworks – both as a contractor and as a client, including preparing bid documents, responding to bids as well as assessing bids.

Arnab’s training interests reflect the width of his background and variety of experiences – he has been associated with numerous CIOB publications since 2002 including the Code of Practice for Project Management and the Code of Practice for Programme Management.