Construction Management Essentials: Contracts and Commercial Practice (CCP)

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2 month course
Contracts and Commercial Practice is designed to provide you with key skills in construction law, contract administration and commercial practice. Essential for those with organisational responsibility. This course is part of the series of Construction Management Essentials: Construction Management Essentials: Construction Technology Construction Management Essentials: Health, Safety and the Environment

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Contracts and Commercial Practice covers key elements of law and practice that anybody with organisational responsibilities within the construction industry would need to understand.

The CIOB course is designed to provide you with key skills in construction law, contract administration and commercial practice. It gives you a thorough grounding in the legal frameworks in relation to the construction industry, factors which affect the costs of a construction project and pre-and post-contract administrative processes. There is further focus on how work is procured, commercial risks and overall risk management strategies, dispute resolution and avoidance.

By completing the course you will demonstrate an ability to analyse the issues around procurement and commercial disputes, describe legal practice in construction and solving problems effectively. The Contracts and Commercial Practice course is delivered online via e-learning and case studies to support you as you study. You will be given access for 90 days to offer you flexibility as you study.



At the end of your course you will be able to:

  • Understand the law in relation to the construction industry
  • Administer pre-and post-contract processes.
  • Evaluate the various procurement methods available
  • Identify the factors that affect the costs of a construction project and how to manage them
  • Understand the reasons for construction disputes and how they can be resolved.


The course is for those looking to develop skills in a key area of construction practice. The course is suitable for*:

  • Construction managers
  • Site Managers
  • HNC or HND construction professionals
  • Other technical and specialist professionals working in the construction industry with 3 – 5 years’ experience

*This course is a standalone that contributes to your professional development. For those looking to become MCIOB via the Chartered Membership Programme (CMP), please purchase the full CMP programme.


Content will be delivered using the following resources in order to give a rich and informative experience:

  • Instructional eLearning
  • Course reading materials
  • Case studies and practical exercises.



The topics covered are:

Law in the construction industry

  • Discuss the legal framework governing construction developments
  • Explain how contracts are formed and discharged, and describe the consequences of breach
  • Describe the need for, and obligations which might arise from contractual third party rights/collateral warranties

Costs of a construction project

  • Discuss the effects of government policy on the economics of the construction industry
  • Discuss the relative importance of market conditions, resource availability, legislation, town planning, site location/conditions, climate

Pre-and post-contract administrative processes

  • Describe estimating and tendering processes
  • Describe the process of interim valuations and preparing final accounts
  • Describe how changes to the contract are administered.
  • Describe the rationale for, and process of cost-value reconciliation

 Procurement of construction work

  • Discuss how construction work is procured, evaluating the merits of alternative routes.

Management of commercial risk

  • Discuss the nature of risks which can impact on construction projects.
  • Discuss the commercial tools available to mitigate the impact of these risks.

Resolution of construction disputes

  • Describe how disputes can arise in the course of construction projects
  • Describe methods by which these disputes can be resolved


At the end of the course there will be a short online quiz to test your understanding of subject. You will receive a certificate of course completion following this.