Fundamentals of JCT Contracts – Online Classroom

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1 day course
The course will be an introduction to the JCT suite of contracts and it will enable attendees to understand the particular methods of JCT contractual procurement, and the key elements of extensions of time, contractual notices, loss and expense, payment provisions, dispute resolution, suspension and termination and the importance of keeping records.
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John Hayes FCIOB, FRICS.John Hayes is a fellow of the CIOB and the RICS and is an accredited mediator with over 30 years’ experience as a quantity surveyor and commercial director.His key areas of expertise include:-• Commercial management • Contract reporting • Quantum assessment • Conflict Management • Dispute resolution • Training • Claim and change assessment and negotiationJohn has extensive experience of £multi-million global framework and construction projects in the UK, Europe and Australia working for £multi-billion construction companies and has extensive commercial, adjudication, arbitration and litigation experience.


There is a wide range of contracts available to construction businesses, including the many JCT forms. Choosing the most appropriate to the size and characteristics of your project and managing it efficiently is key to the success of the project. To do this, you need to be clear on how the scope, roles, owners, timelines, costs, payments and risks are allocated.

Our new course on the fundamentals of JCT contracts, will focus on giving you a clear understanding of the contents of the JCT suite and how it should be applied. This includes covering:

  • The main contract between the employer and the main contractor
  • Sub-contracts between the main contractor and sub-contractors
  • Pre-construction services agreements
  • Design agreement between the employer and specialist designer
  • The form of contract for the supply of goods
  • Forms of bond
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Other available forms and documents

Additionally the course will define the roles and responsibilities of all parties connected with the construction process and will inform participants on the requirement and importance of administration and record keeping.

In summary you will walk away with a greater knowledge of where your risks lie with the JCT suite of contracts together with an understanding of what a business is committing to when it enters into a JCT construction contract. It will also enable you to understand and manage your commercial expectations, and enter into agreements that lead to successful project completion.

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Upcoming Dates:
17th August 2022
4th October 2022
6th December 2022
Course Times: 10am – 4pm GMT


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The Fundamentals of JCT contracts has been selected as one of the TOP 10 Construction Courses 2022!

We are proud to announce that of the 10 different courses CIOB came 6th with Fundamentals of JCT contracts.

Please see article:

2022 Top 10 Construction Courses (



By the end of this course, you will be able to:


  • Identify the correct standard forms that can be used in a construction environment
  • Distinguish between the options available and select the most appropriate
  • Arrange cost and risk matters into priority themes and implement into the contract
  • Appraise, assess and compare cost and risk matters into the correct form of contract
  • Identify the key administration procedures related to the available suite of contracts


“John Hayes is an excellent trainer. He managed to keep a dry subject interesting for the duration of the day. Everything was covered within the boundaries of the course title. The CIOB Academy offers one of the most competitively priced JCT courses around.” 

Roly, ‘Fundamentals of JCT Contracts’ delegate, May 2019


This course has been designed for clients, consultants, contractors, specialists, sub-contractors and the like. It is relevant to all those involved in the design , procurement and management of projects , working on all types and sizes of building , civil engineering , infrastructure and maintenance projects in both the public and private sectors. This includes Construction Managers, Commercial Managers, Business Development Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Estimators, Contract Managers, Project Planners and procurement staff.


An online classroom with live tutor and interactions.


An Introduction to JCT – the Joint Contracts Tribunal

  • History and evolution
  • The members of the JCT
  • What is a standard form of building contract?
  • Considerations for selection of the right JCT contract

Why a standard form?

  • Inclusion of the construction timeline
  • Types of document
  • Transactional cost
  • Risk allocation and minimising risk in the construction process

The suite of standard forms

  • Agreements
  • Warranties
  • Contracts
  • Consumer friendly contracts

Key features

  • Payments
  • Retention
  • Liquidated and ascertained damages
  • Determination / repudiation
  • Dispute resolution

The importance of administration

  • Records
  • Notices

Issues surrounding:

  • Extensions of time
  • Contractual notices
  • Loss and expense
  • Payment provisions
  • Dispute resolution
  • Suspension and termination


There is no assessment, you will receive a certificate of completion following the course.