Innovating in an Industry that can’t innovate

Innovating in an Industry that can’t innovate


Everyone is told to ‘innovate or die’. All this pressure to change is being driven by the perception of the industry being inefficient and unsafe with consistently poor quality in delivery. Add to this the sentiment of shareholders and lenders towards the industry following the collapse of tier one contractors, and you can see how the industry has become a melting pot of panic towards changing the way we do things. This is all positive stuff but, in the panic, companies forget that the key to transforming and innovating is the people and culture at the centre of that organisation.
In this presentation, Rob Toon, BIM Co-ordinator at Kier, gives a view on how to make a success of any corporate innovation strategy. He provides insights into how a people-first approach can prove successful when trying to transform a business and gives common misconceptions and areas where strategies fail. Rob also highlights his journey with the CIOB from Graduation to Chartered status as well as his involvement with CIOB’s Committees and working groups.
Ref. ICA-ACA-507-5041-CPD
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