Not Using Standard Form Contracts? Key protections and considerations

Not Using Standard Form Contracts? Key protections and considerations


Everyone is always eager to get works started on construction projects, but you should not ignore the importance of having the correct contracts and documents in place.

In this webinar Cesare McArdle, Senior Solicitor at Herrington Carmichael LLP, guides you through some of the key legal considerations and ways of protecting yourself (whether you are a contractor or client) on construction projects both before a contract is put in place and in respect of the contract itself.

He also addresses situations where standard form contracts are not being used and in particular covers why particular clauses should be included in construction contracts, such as variations/control of works, termination, insurance, bonds and warranties, and more.

This webinar gives an overview and highlights crucial terms that should be considered by everyone involved in projects where non-standard forms of contracts are used.


Specialisms: Legal and Contracts
Ref. NUS-ACA-ACA-507-5041-CPD
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