CMI Recognised Strategic Leadership Programme in Construction (Preparation for Fellowship FCIOB)

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6 day course
Make sense of the challenging world that construction organisations operate within. Consider the tools and techniques that may assist you, as a leader of a construction company, to understand the drivers of change. Develop strategies at a corporate and local level to effectively lead and successfully compete in your business environment.    
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To be an effective leader in the construction industry, you need to be able to lead people, lead your organisation, and demonstrate the ability to drive the sector forward. These are the competencies that are fundamental to effective and successful companies, and form the basis of assessment for those looking to become a Fellow of the CIOB.

In recognition of the importance of these skills, to assist leaders to develop their core abilities, and to prepare those wishing to apply for Fellowship, the CIOB is proud to offer a course on Strategic Leadership in Construction.

The course focuses on two perspectives:

  • Leading and influencing construction organisations.
  • Leading and influencing people – ensuring, in particular, that the organisation operates with integrity and responsibility.

From a sectoral and organisational perspective, business tools and models will be presented, helping you to identify, evaluate and understand the key business drivers impacting on the construction sector and the strategies required to meet key challenges. From a people perspective, effective leadership considers how individuals can shape and influence organisational thinking and in particular ensure a safe, fair, ethical, respectful and responsible business.

At the end of the programme you will be equipped with skills and behaviours that reflect the highest level of professional competence.

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The programme will be delivered over six days online. 

The next start date:

9th March 2023

9th June 2023

9th November 2023

Times: 10:00AM – 16:30PM BST (Every Thursday)


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To lead by example and raise the bar regarding standards in the construction industry:

  • Establish effective leadership of health, safety and welfare standards.
  • Apply ethical standards through leadership.
  • Demonstrate fair employment practices.

To build strong relationships to positively influence the organisation:

  • Lead others through corporate change to meet organisations vision and strategy.
  • Lead and guide the professional development of others.
  • Lead and guide inter-organisational and sectoral relationships.

To create, implement and monitor compliance to the company’s strategy:

  • Implement strategic development of the organisation through clear objectives.
  • Develop initiatives to measure and advise on efficient risk management.
  • Develop and implement ways to monitor, evaluate and report results to a strategic vision.

To become an indispensable partner within the construction industry:

  • Deliver objectives to achieve corporate vision with a measurable effect on the sector.
  • Influence the industry through inter-organisational collaboration.
  • Initiate change through strategic direction, resulting in meaningful benefits across the sector.


This course is specifically designed for:

  • Senior professionals with 5+ years experience.
  • Senior professionals with MCIOB who are looking to progress to FCIOB.

*Please note, you do not need to be looking at fellowship to attend this course. It focuses on the main competencies of a strategic leader, which are also part of the fellowship process. 

What is CIOB Fellowship?

CIOB Fellowship is for those who are leading organisations, the sector and people. There are a specific set of skills and competencies that professionals at this level need to demonstrate. Our Strategic Leadership Programme is designed to aid those looking to gain Fellowship or move into a senior leadership position in their organisation.

Although the programme does not provide a direct route to becoming a Fellow of the CIOB, it does share the standards and competencies required.

Are you qualified to become a Fellow of the CIOB?

For most members, becoming qualified is based on meeting a unique set of leadership competencies and behaviours that reflect the highest level of professional competence. Benchmarked at Master’s Degree level, FCIOB applications are open to senior professionals with 5+ years of leading an organisation, leading people and contributing to the industry, communities or society.

Click here to find out more about CIOB Fellowship.


An online classroom with live tutor and interactions.


Course Delivery

Our courses are delivered using a platform called GoToWebinar, please follow the links below to test your system and download the software, prior to your course starting.


The course will cover:

Business strategy overview and the strategic management process:

  • Environmental analysis of the construction context
  • Internal organisational analysis
  • Construction sector analysis
  • Strategic options
  • Selection and implementation
  • Managing and implementing change

Strategic leadership:

  • Effective leadership styles
  • Team and group effectiveness
  • Influencing others, the professions, society
  • International, national and organisational social and cultural perceptions of construction-related industries and the professions
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility


There is no assessment, you will receive a certificate of completion following the course.


Course Leader

Dr Robert Ozols D.B.Env. FCIOB MRICS IMaPS

A seasoned Managing Director with over four decades comprehensive experience originally working from a hands-on apprentice role up to senior positions within the building and construction sector. Following a rigorous but successful study period at the University of Salford, qualified as a Doctor of the Built Environment (D.B.Env). Associated processes have developed expertise in the area of tender preparation, planning applications, project management and the successful supervision of contractors and specialists. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills utilised to develop and maintain collaborative working partnerships with all stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of projects against budget and within stringent time frames.