UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Course Hours
6 hour course
Introducing leaders to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), further to governments and investors requiring SDG knowledge and reporting as a gateway to future funding/investment support.
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Sustainability is a CIOB policy. The organisation understands United Nations SDG’s need to be at the heart of the construction industries long term focus, as a mandate to operate, and access investment.

The course focuses on providing an understanding of SDG’s, the process to identify an organisation’s relevant SDG impacts, monitoring, and transparent reporting.  It covers the global drive for change, the benefits and opportunities for growth.

You will be provided with the knowledge to get  your organisation and leaders started on the journey to doing SDG reporting well, and to demonstrate compliance with national and international standards to protect people, planet, and profit.

Moreover, as a leader, you will be able to meet legislative requirements, and enable your business to have continuity through meeting the criteria needed to access investment and future funding, and do right by all on the planet.


Next Available Dates:

3rd November 2022



By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define the background of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Implement processes to identify your organisations relevant SDG impacts
  • Identify and meet legislative requirements
  • Differentiate quality SDR reporting from poor reporting


This course is suitable for:

  1. CEO’s to Graduate Future Leaders.
  2. Board Members
  3. C-suite including Chief Sustainability Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Senior Managers.


Course Delivery

Our courses are delivered using a platform called GoToWebinar, please follow the links below to test your system and download the software, prior to your course starting.


The course will cover:

  • Background to the SDG’s
  • What are the SDG’s, Targets, and Indicators
  • Governance and business case for engaging with the SDG’s
  • Relationship between Corporate Sustainability Reporting and SDG’s
  • Making your organisation attractive to investors and government
  • Discovering the investment opportunity SDG’s present to organisations to access investment
  • Internal and external value of SDG Reporting
  • Integrating SDG’s with ESG reporting