Total disruption – There’s got to be a better way for construction

Total disruption – There’s got to be a better way for construction


Construction needs total disruption. New business models that allow investment in innovation and properly training the next generation work force. New ways of working, that mean clients, consultants, contractors and the supply chain collaborate seamlessly. The new construction would then attract more investment (both public and private sector), top talent, and the respect it deserves for providing the essential shelter and infrastructure that modern society requires. In this video, Sir James Wates CBE challenges the audience to lead the change for construction. The speech will explore…
  • Are any other countries doing better?
  • What other sectors have truly transformed? What was the key ingredient?
  • Would licencing of builders/contractors help? What can we do to improve margins and reduce the number of loss-leading bids, promoting a more long-term perspective.
  • How has technology sparked disruption? When does technology really disrupt the model and when does it simply evolve the status quo?
Ref. TDC-ACA-507-5041-CPD
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