About CIOB Academy

We help individuals and companies realise their potential in the construction industry by providing a range of resources and training that develop the right practical skills and attitudes needed for delivering on time, to budget and with the highest standards of quality.

Adrian Montague

Associate Director - Academy

Adrian is leading the Academy, and is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the business. He has worked in both the UK and China, and is dedicated to helping grow professionalism in the industry. Adrian takes great pride in ensuring the Academy is best placed to assist people to further their careers, grow CIOB membership, and inspire excellence in the built environment. He is proud to oversee a leading academy that serves CIOB members and the wider industry with the highest quality professional development resources.

Dr Gina Al-Talal FCIOB

Head of Technical and Standards Development

Dr Gina Al-Talal is a Civil engineer with nearly 30 years’ experience and a PhD in Sustainable Materials in Construction and is a Fellow of the CIOB.

She heads up the Academy’s Knowledge Hub and is responsible for the CPDs, Technical Assets including the Codes of Practices, and Library and Information Services as well as the management of the Knowledge Hub team.

Justin Hall

Training Manager

Justin joined the CIOB in February 2021 and is the Training Manager for the Academy, located in the Middle East and North Africa. Justin role is to establish the CIOB Academy internationally for the first time and work with senior representatives from across the MENA region to deliver standard and bespoke training courses to individuals and organisations.

Sara Hanif

Training Manager

As the Training and Qualifications Manager, Sara will be responsible for maintaining a high-quality provision which will include ensuring relevant and up-to-date information is being taught by our industry specialised trainers.
Sara’s background is predominantly within the education sector. She has worked with Further Education, Higher Education, and Training Providers around the UK, focusing on building their provisions to a high standard.

Lukas Qureshi

Training Executive

As Training Executive, Lukas is responsible for delegate management across all e-learning, Face to Face and Distance learning courses. Combined with the responsibility of executing the delivery of live sessions for our Face to Face and Distance learning courses. Lukas has recently joined the CIOB Academy following his graduation after studying in Biomedical Science.

Tracey Clarke

Technical Assets Manager

Tracey joined the CIOB in November 2019 and is responsible for Technical Publications. Working with our members and industry experts, she identifies and develops topics of interest to anyone in the construction industry. With a background in project and programme management, she oversees the development of publications to ensure they promote good practice and technical knowledge.

Megan Valler

Knowledge Hub Officer

Megan joined the CIOB in 2017 bringing good customer and member services experience to her role, combined with core skills on digital and statistical analysis. Megan holds an honours degree in Mathematics and supports Gina in co-ordinating CPD creation, running live CPD webinars with expert industry speakers, and running our library and information services. She is passionate about friendly and knowledgeable customer interaction, high-quality content, and helping members to progress in their fields. When not at work, she is kept busy by her 2 young sons.

Rowena Midson

Knowledge Hub Officer