Collaborative Working Techniques

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Course Hours
1 hour course
What collaboration means, what are the challenges to good collaboration, and what are the solutions you can implement for successful and ongoing positive working relationships.
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The construction industry is notoriously fragmented, yet project success is very much down to how well clients, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and other stakeholders communicate and collaborate. As such, it is essential to realise collaboration is key.

In this short course, you will learn all about collaborative practice. This includes understanding the challenges and risks, and the methods you can use to immediately improve the effectiveness of your work relationships.

Take control of working with people, and learn to collaborate for success.

Company Offer

If you are a company looking to train multiple employees at a time, please contact the Academy to explore the best offers. This course can be sold individually, and also packaged with other courses on our site.

*Please note, you cannot apply the CPD discount code to this course.


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what collaboration is
  • Understand the challenges of collaboration
  • Understand the methods of improving the effectiveness of collaboration
  • Understand the risks of external collaboration and how to mitigate those risks


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their ability to collaborate.


An online course with interactive eLearning and a multiple choice quiz.


These course includes content on:

  • Defining collaboration
  • The challenges to good collaboration
  • Risks of external collaboration
  • Risk mitigation techniques
  • Methods to improve collaboration


The end of course test consists of multiple choice questions. Learners are required to achieve a 75% pass mark, and, if necessary, may attempt the test three times at no extra cost. If learners do not achieve the 75% pass mark, further attempts may be given by contacting our support team.Learners will be able to download a digital certificate on completion of each course. This can be printed, and we suggest you keep it for your records.