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Autism Awareness

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

People on the autism spectrum have a lifelong developmental disability that affects how they communicate and interact with others. This webinar raises awareness of what autism is, the impact of autism on employment and how to make job opportunities more accessible to people with autism. It educates individuals and organizations regarding how to hire and work with autistic individuals, thereby providing opportunities for individuals and diversifying the workforce.

Tim Young, Regional Procurement Manager at Lovell Partnerships Ltd, covers the sensitivities and anxiety that those with autism experience, the way they mask these symptoms, and what happens when symptoms cannot be masked. As well as an overview of employment statistics, he discusses the benefits and challenges of hiring an autistic person, before offering practical advice on how companies can adapt their recruitment and advertising procedures to ensure that people with autism are welcomed into the hiring process. Tim, as someone on the autism spectrum, concludes with an inspiring story about his own life.