Building Performance and Evaluation Guide

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This Guide covers management tools and methodologies to support building performance and evaluation, from the design stage through to post-occupancy.

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Building Performance and Evaluation offers a method to identify, limit and reduce uncertainties in building performance. This guide emphasises that taking a holistic approach can test building design and building performance pre-, during- and post-occupation.

Our guide covers the various tests and methods used in evaluation, which inform clients, end-users, and practitioners of possible interventions that could close any performance gaps. This supports data collection and analysis in order that energy use can be understood and assessed against the energy performance expected.


  1. Introduction: An insight into Building Performance Evaluation (BPE)
  2. Management tools and methodologies to support BPE
  3. Design
  4. Construction
  5. Commissioning
  6. Pre-occupancy
  7. Post-occupancy
  8. Life Cycle Analysis: Extraction, assembly, use, deconstruction, and recycling

About the author

The guide was created by two authors, both are experts in this specific area of construction and they are Chris Gorse (MICOB) and Dr Kambiz Rakhshanbabanari.

Chris Gorse (MICOB) is Professor of Construction Engineering and Management at the University of Loughborough and Chair of the CIOB Sustainability Panel and Policy Forum. Leading major research projects for government and industry, with a focus on the built environment, quality and energy efficiency.

Dr Kambiz Rakhshanbabanari is a Research Assistant at Leeds Sustainability Institute, with research experience in energy efficiency and sustainability in residential and commercial buildings, building energy and performance assessment, Life Cycle Analysis, supervised machine learning and building structure reuse.