CIOB Lecture by Paul Morrell OBE: How much longer …? Why is change so difficult (and yet so necessary) in construction?


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The tragedy of the fire at Grenfell Tower, and the cladding crisis that it exposed, is just the latest pressure for change that is (or should be) felt across the industry. Nonetheless, in spite of periodic reports looking at procurement (Banwell, The Playbook etc), process (Egan) and behaviour (Latham), threats to modernise or die, and the prayer for disruption offered up by James Wates at the inaugural lecture that mow bears his name year, the pace of change is glacial.

This year’s talk will offer a look at the realities of the trading conditions under which the industry operates, to consider how they shape its structure, conduct and performance; and will, by reference to the issue of building safety, consider whether and how changes in those conditions might realistically re-shape the industry in the future, better to address some of the wicked problems which our clients and society face.

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