Digital Workforce Management



How technology can improve safety, efficiency and compliance on site.

This webinar explores how workforce management technology and associated solutions can optimise operational efficiency, improve health and safety and ensure compliance on construction sites.  The CIOB is pleased to welcome representatives from Biosite, which, as the UK market leader in workforce management for the construction industry, has played a role in many major and complex projects in the UK including for HS2 and the A14 super highway.  Kamran Ali and Tom Dunn from Biosite are joined by Allison Cameron, Security Systems Manager at SCS Railways, who is currently responsible for almost 7000 active profiles on Biosite and brings a client-side perspective on the benefits of using a workforce management system.  Together they cover:

  • The common challenges facing construction and infrastructure projects.
  • The role of workforce management technology for construction.
  • Turning data to insight – using technology to improve performance and productivity.
  • How to effectively manage and monitor workforce competency.
  • The COVID-19 context – managing your workforce effectively, on and off site.
  • Associated solutions to support fire safety and security on site.
  • How upcoming legislation and guidance may impact how the construction workforce is managed.

Planning and Organising

CIOB Conservation Conference

New ideas for tough times

The theme of this year's annual conference is balancing conservation needs against rising costs. It is ideal for professionals involved in historic or traditional buildings as well as homeowners who are embarking on their own project.

We have drawn together leading experts from the UK and Europe who will give delegates the inside track on how these projects were successfully delivered and how they can apply what was learned to their own decision making.