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CIOB Academy Zones bring together themed content from industry experts.  New content is added frequently and we will update you via a CIOB Academy email when there is new content to explore.

The Innovation Zone specifically contains content relating to technologies and digital advancements that can add value to your business and your projects.

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The Innovation zone brings together content from experts in technological and digital advancements for the construction industry.


A range of content from Autodesk that explores the accelerators of digital ROI (data, innovation, operations, people, ecosystem) and insight into key factors affecting a company’s digital transformation journey.  Alongside this, there are two fascinating case studies from Sisk and Robertson Group that show how digital technology is delivering value in real terms.


Content from Glodon showcases how a change in traditional thinking can transform the asset lifecycle and a fascinating Digital Twins White Paper offers an assessment of the basics, trends and opportunities of digital twins in the built environment sector, exploring development, deployment and use during the design and construction stages.

To access this content, click on Book and then you will find the innovation zone listed on your Dashboard.


The Innovation Zone is ideal for anyone who is:

  • Driving organisational change through digital transformation
  • Implementing a Digital Strategy
  • Interested in understanding new technologies and innovations
  • Working with new technologies on a day to day basis
  • Needing to adopt new ways of working


An understanding of digital technologies related to the built environment, how to undertake a digital transformation and the benefits that can be derived from digital adoption.



  • Digital Building Platform White Paper: Introduces digital infrastructure, digital building, and digital building platform in a way to change drastically the thinking and operation of the building sector.
  • Transforming Asset Lifecycle From Design to Handover Article
  • Digital Twins assessment of the basics, trends, and opportunities of digital twins in the built environment sector and explored digital twin development, deployment, and use, especially during the design and construction stages, and analysed relations to the work performed by surveyors.
  • Digitalization for a Better Built Environment video


  • Building Resilient Manufacturing and AEC Companies article: Key accelerators of digital ROI
  • Mapping Your Digital Transformation: How to benchmark yourself against your industry peers and plot your digital construction journey.
  • Plotting Your Digital Construction Journey article
  • Sisk Wembley Park Embraces Cloud Technology case study
  • Why Digital Construction Matters


The Innovation zones are curated by the CIOB Academy with content from world leading organisations. Currently in the zones you will find content by:

As a digital building platform service provider, Glodon Company Limited, oriented as a digital enabler, has been dedicated to the development of construction information technology for over 20 years. We have over 80 subsidiaries in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world, and provide professional services to over 340,000 enterprises in the industry.


Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Our technology spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small. From greener buildings to smarter products to more mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software helps our customers to design and make a better world for all.