Modern Methods of Construction : Panacea or yet another false start?




In this webinar Professor Stuart Green FCIOB asks to what extent do so called “Modern Methods of Construction” differ from what has gone on before?  Has the continuous quest for innovation become part of the problem?  What lessons can we learn from previous initiatives and will MMC really improve quality and productivity or will it make them worse?

Stuart has over 30 years research and consultancy experience in the domain of construction sector policy, he is Chartered Engineer, researcher and author.


Sustainable Construction and Development

CIOB Conservation Conference

New ideas for tough times

The theme of this year's annual conference is balancing conservation needs against rising costs. It is ideal for professionals involved in historic or traditional buildings as well as homeowners who are embarking on their own project.

We have drawn together leading experts from the UK and Europe who will give delegates the inside track on how these projects were successfully delivered and how they can apply what was learned to their own decision making.