Quality Planning for Micro and Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

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This Technical Information Sheet outlines the need for quality management and provides practical steps that help navigate the various obstacles. It describes what to consider when creating quality plans and the importance of adhering to legislation and standards such as ISO 9001 and BS99001.

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This Technical Information Sheet considers some of the challenges of negotiating the maze of standards and requirements to produce and comply with a project quality plan. It is aimed at micro, small, and medium sized enterprises, working as both principal contractors and specialty contractors on the job site. Such enterprises are the backbone of the construction sector delivering projects through the supply chain and meeting the quality expectations of the client, design team, and quality inspectors.


  1. Context: Generating a baseline for quality planning
  2. Putting quality as a top priority
  3. Quality plans
  4. Standards and legislation
  5. Quality plan contents
  6. Integrating the plan
  7. Getting started
  8. References and bibliography

About the author

Roger Flanagan is a Past President of CIOB and a Professor in the School of the Built Environment, University of Reading. Roger has combined industry and academic experience as a member of the Board of Directors of construction and consultancy companies in the UK and overseas, as well as previously being a member of the CIOB Construction Quality Commission.

Carol Jewell is a construction sector technical author with experience of working on many projects for professional institutes, companies, and government bodies in the UK and overseas. She is co-author with Roger Flanagan of the Code of Quality Management for Construction (2019), and Site Management and Production (2020), published by the CIOB.