CIOB Academy CPD

Re-imagining the future of construction



The way we design, build, and operate buildings and infrastructure is fundamentally changing.

With developments like machine learning, big data, and 3D printing, new technology can provide the tools to reshape and construct a new future – one with implications for every individual and business in the industry, and also for society as a whole.

In this webinar debate, Autodesk partners with the CIOB to explore some of the fundamental questions about the future of construction in a digital world. In doing so, we start to form a vision for that future and address the major opportunities and challenges that digital will present to construction and its people.

Panellist Information

CHAIR:  Charles Egbu, Vice President, CIOB  (Read More Here),


Matt Gough, Director of Innovation, Mace  (Read More Here),

Annette O’Connor, Managing Director, West Gate Maintenance  (Read More Here),

Dominic Thasarathar, Industry Strategist for Construction, Autodesk  (Read More Here)


Themes: Innovation | mmc

Ethics and Professionalism

CIOB Conservation Conference

New ideas for tough times

The theme of this year's annual conference is balancing conservation needs against rising costs. It is ideal for professionals involved in historic or traditional buildings as well as homeowners who are embarking on their own project.

We have drawn together leading experts from the UK and Europe who will give delegates the inside track on how these projects were successfully delivered and how they can apply what was learned to their own decision making.