Smoke Control Management

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This Technical Information Sheet explains and demonstrates the risk management procedures that are available that help to alleviate the impact of smoke and the consequential risk to life and a building’s structural integrity.

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Fire burns, but it’s smoke that kills!

To support the construction industry’s drive towards increased health and safety in buildings, this Technical Information Sheet focusses on ways to design and use effective smoke control solutions. The control of smoke and gasses that are released in a fire, kill more people that the fire itself, and in this publication, we describe the responsibilities, processes and technologies that are available.


Relevant Legislation, Guidelines and Best Practice
Types of Buildings and Case Studies
Design considerations for smoke management and control systems
Levels of engagement with regard to a smoke management systems

About the author

Paul Evans FSEU, AIFE, MIFSM, CEO of Ash Fire Management and Ventilation Systems Ltd

Paul is a prominent member of Fire Safe Europe, and its initiative European Fire Safety Community, where he attends meetings to advise on matters relating to smoke risk management. As a member of the IFSM he has been invited to deliver several high level presentations on the subject matter, and as a member of the National Association of Air Duct Specialists UK he regularly posts his views on safe practices.