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Specifying Sustainable Concrete



In this webinar Elaine Toogood provides guidance for specifying sustainable concrete including design and construction considerations for buildings with low whole-life carbon. She covers responsible sourcing, use of low carbon cements, recycled aggregates, and tips for achieving material efficiency.  In addition she provides a summary of how these strategies, combined with use of thermal mass, can assist with scoring credits in BREEAM.

Elaine is the Head of Architecture at The Concrete Centre and has been a qualified architect for 25 years. She provides architectural advice and project and technical guidance related to the use of concrete, with a particular expertise in sustainable and visual concrete.


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Sustainable Construction and Development

CIOB Conservation Conference

New ideas for tough times

The theme of this year's annual conference is balancing conservation needs against rising costs. It is ideal for professionals involved in historic or traditional buildings as well as homeowners who are embarking on their own project.

We have drawn together leading experts from the UK and Europe who will give delegates the inside track on how these projects were successfully delivered and how they can apply what was learned to their own decision making.