Sustainable Construction and Development

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A FREE online course, where you will gain valuable insight into sustainable construction and development, and learn best practices from sustainability initiatives.
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Sustainable development meets the needs of the present by carrying out activities that do not compromise future generations’ ability to meet their own needs.

On this FREE course, developed by the CIOB and London South Bank University, you’ll learn about the obligations and actions that play a role in the concept and practice of sustainability in construction and development. You’ll explore the need for environmental, economic and social sustainability, and the implications for the construction industry.

You’ll learn best practices from successful sustainability initiatives, and understand the challenge of achieving sustainability in the future.

This course will be open all the time from the 3rd of August 2020

Please note:

The Educators won’t be able to join the discussions themselves or respond to individual comments,  but the course encourages a strong learning community. The learning is focused around debate and discussion – supporting other learners, sharing your own experience and knowledge, and listening to new perspectives. We hope that you will enjoy interacting with and learning from each other in this way. Don’t forget to comment, reply to other learners and ‘like’ comments.


This course is for anyone interested in sustainable construction and development, but may be of particular interest to those working in or studying construction and the wider built environment. It also counts towards annual CPD requirements (10 hours in total).


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the complexities of sustainability from generic and project specific perspectives, and the obligations of stakeholders
  • Evaluate the environmental considerations of sustainability and their implications on construction processes and practices
  • Evaluate economic considerations of sustainability and their implications on construction processes and practices
  • Evaluate social considerations of sustainability and their implications on construction processes and practices
  • Demonstrate knowledge of lessons learned from good practices of sustainability initiatives, and better understand how these could be implemented in projects
  • Explain the nature of the task of attaining sustainability in the built environment in future, considering the most likely future scenario of the sustainable development agenda.


In this online course, you will cover:

  • The complexities of sustainability in construction and development of the built assets, together with challenges, importance, and impact of role performance.
  • Environmental sustainability in construction and development of built assets, and the important roles of innovations, professionalism, ethics, culture and procurement practices and regulations.
  • Economic sustainability and the roles of effective business cases, organisational size, dynamics of networks & integrated delivery; and procurement practices.Social sustainability in construction and development of built assets, and the roles of construction processes, outputs and outcomes on people and society.
  • Lessons learned from good and best practices in sustainability, and how these could be embraced and taken-up, together with challenges and appropriate guidelines for implementation.
  • Future challenges in sustainable development based on possible scenarios considering the level of success of current mitigation and adaptation measures.

Course Delivery

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this course:

  • The course takes place 100% online over a period of 5 weeks. New content is released on a weekly basis, and those who sign up should expect to make a commitment of 2 hours per week.
  • There are no live sessions; we will not expect you to be online at any specific times over the duration of the course.
  • If you require a Certificate of Achievement, please select the option to upgrade your enrolment for a fee of £52. Your certificate will be delivered at the end of the course. Those who don’t require proof of their studies can enjoy full access to the course free of charge.
  • To join, please click here to be redirected to the Future Learn online platform. This is where the course will be delivered, and it’s also the place where many more FAQs are answered.




Professor Charles Egbu and the team from London South Bank University kindly sponsored the course and its content.

Professor Charles Egbu

head shot of professor charles Egbu

London South Bank University Crest