The Overheating Time Bomb



In this webinar, Paul Shipley, Associate & Head of Department at MES Building Solutions, focuses on the causes and potential mitigation of overheating in the summer. More and more modern buildings are reporting summer overheating, on occasion with tragic consequences. Why is this the case? What can we learn from this? How do we take control? In this webinar we try to understand what overheating is, how to better predict building performance and most importantly how to mitigate this ticking time bomb.

Sustainable Construction and Development

CIOB Conservation Conference

New ideas for tough times

The theme of this year's annual conference is balancing conservation needs against rising costs. It is ideal for professionals involved in historic or traditional buildings as well as homeowners who are embarking on their own project.

We have drawn together leading experts from the UK and Europe who will give delegates the inside track on how these projects were successfully delivered and how they can apply what was learned to their own decision making.