30-10-20: FIDIC Claims Management

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Course Hours
6 hour course
A series of related sessions, aimed at developing your fundamental skills in FIDIC contract administration, and ultimately better claims management.
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Due to the nature of construction Contracts, claims are inevitable.  As such, effective contract administration and claims management is a vital part of project management . It is essential to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of the parties are maintained throughout the project duration.

This course consists of a series of 6 modules which are closely related to construction claims and the issues that contractors and subcontractors typically find most problematic.

At the end of this course you will be confident with your ability to assess claims, identify solutions, and keep your projects on track.


Sessions are 1-hour long, will run from 15:00-16:00 GMT  from the 7 February 2023 for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Tutors: Michael Davies and Stephen Board

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By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain core contractual principles and FIDIC clauses.
  • Appreciate issues of risk allocation in construction contracts.
  • Assess different claims arising on projects.
  • Know where to look for best practice guidance for claims and disputes.
  • Apply various techniques in claims management.


This course is suitable for construction professionals involved in the administration of contracts and subcontracts under FIDIC. This is a fundamentals course, dealing with some of the more advanced contractual principles of claims and claims management.


Each module is structured as follows:

  • 30 minutes presentation of the topic.
  • 10 minutes review of a case study.
  • 20 minutes question and answer session.


The course will be delivered over 6 consecutive weeks.


Course Delivery

  • Accessing the live webinar sessions during the course require delegates to register using teams


Over the course of the sessions, you will cover the 6 topics:

  • Key FIDIC Clauses – An overview of the 5 most problematic clauses of FIDIC 1999.
  • Design Risk in Construction Contracts.
  • Time Matters – Key principles of Programme, Delay and EOT.
  • The Detail in Disruption – What is disruption and how can we determine it’s impact.
  • SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol 2017 – A review of the key sections of this international best practice guide.
  • Resolving Disputes Without Conflict – using best practice to avoid formal disputes on construction projects.

Each topic is broken down into a 30-minute online presentation, 10-minute case study and 20-minute Q&A.


In this 30-10-20 course there is no formal assessment, but each attendee will expected to participate in on-line polls and will be encouraged to contribute their experiences to the discussions through Q&A.