Core Business Skills


Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive E-learning curriculum, designed to cultivate essential business proficiencies. Explore foundational communication skills, delve into perception and self-awareness, and learn strategies for conflict resolution in the workplace. Enhance meeting efficiency, gain insights into project management, refine presentation skills, and master stress and time management.

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An online Core Business Skills course designed to encompass a comprehensive array of essential business proficiencies, featuring:

  1. Foundational Communication Skills:
    • Understanding the fundamental principles of effective communication in professional contexts.
  2. Communication: Perception and Self-Awareness:
    • Exploring the nuances of perception and fostering self-awareness to enhance communication efficacy.
  3. Workplace Conflict Resolution:
    • Strategies for identifying, addressing, and resolving conflicts within organisational settings.
  4. Optimising Meeting Efficiency:
    • Techniques for conducting and participating in productive meetings to achieve desired outcomes.
  5. Introduction to Project Management:
    • An overview of project management principles, methodologies, and best practices.
  6. Refinement of Presentation Skills:
    • Developing proficiency in delivering engaging and impactful presentations.
  7. Stress Management Strategies:
    • Tools and methodologies for managing stress effectively in professional environments.
  8. Mastering Time Management:
    • Techniques and tactics for prioritising tasks, maximising productivity, and optimising time utilisation.