CIOB Academy CPD

NEC4: The Latest Contractual Frontier



The NEC contract is one of the widely used contracts in the built environment. The latest version, NEC4 is now starting to appear on new projects; but what are the risks and what has changed? How can you ensure financial success when running projects under NEC4? This CPD shows a panel of expert speakers, who will cover the risks and challenges of working with the latest edition of the contract.
You will discover:
  • The background to the latest form
  • The language and what it means
  • Key terms and risks
  • Tips and tools for making administration simple
  • The legal risks of and changes to z-clauses
  • The barrister’s perspective
  • How disputes are resolved in NEC4
Panel Members:
  • Nick Woodrow, CEMAR COO – Specialist in making NEC contract administration more efficient.
  • Ian Heaphy, The NEC Contract Board – Director of IN Construction Consulting and a member of the NEC4 Contract Board.
  • Anneliese Day QC, Barrister – Fountain Court Chambers – Anneliese was named Construction Barrister of the Year in 2018.
  • Lucinda Levy, Associate Director – Turner & Townsend
  • Garima Singh, Senior Consultant – Turner & Townsend

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