30-10-20: The role of Experts in Construction and Engineering Claims and Disputes

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6 hour course
With a steep increase in formal dispute resolution proceedings, ranging from litigation to arbitration, understanding the role of Experts is more important than ever for construction and engineering professionals. This course aims to deliver a quick guide explaining how Experts fit in the overall dispute resolution process, and how the selection of your Experts may influence the outcome of your construction and engineering claims and disputes.  
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Founded in 1974, J.S. Held is a global multidisciplinary consulting firm, respected for our exceptional success providing solutions for complex construction and environmental matters around the world. Our global team is comprised of world-renowned experts who collectively analyse and investigate issues and disputes and provide solutions to complex matters faced by the construction, legal, insurance and surety communities. Our expert witnesses and experienced professionals have a demonstrable track record of providing independent and factually robust advice to external legal counsel and clients to support them in the resolution of the challenging issues that can arise in commercial engineering and construction disputes as well investment dispute cases. Provided by individuals with extensive technical and commercial capabilities, combined with outstanding written and oral communication skills, our dispute resolution and expert services span all stages and facets of disputes, from case theory development and strategy to expert testimony.


The course will be delivered by practising Experts who will help attendees understand better the roles of both Delay and Quantum Experts and, through their experience and real-life examples, how the role of the Expert is viewed by Tribunals, and where the Expert’s duty of care lies.  Attendees will also be guided through the common pitfalls Experts often encounter in their day-to-day work with clients, the importance of providing Experts with the data and information they require, and why the Expert Determination alternative dispute resolution procedure is gaining more traction in the industry. The course will round-up with an overview of how insurance policies may play their part as a way of seeking compensation in relation to construction and engineering dispute events.

The course will also guide you through the Expert appointment process, the information which is usually required before an Expert is appointed, and the extent of the work delivered by the Expert during a formal dispute resolution process. This knowledge will equip you with the tools required to approach an Expert, negotiate their appointment, and will set the bar on the expectations you should have from an Expert, once appointed.

Each topic is broken down into a 30-minute online presentation, 10-minute case study and 20-minute Q&A.

Sessions are 1-hour long, will run from 

26 April 2022 – 16:00-17:00 GMT

10 May 2022 – 16:00-17:00 GMT

17 May 2022 – 16:00-17:00 GMT

24 May 2022- 16:00-17:00 GMT

31 May 2022- 16:00-17:00 GMT

7 June 2022  -16:00-17:00 GMT

We now accept payment in USD for all our courses. For more information please contact academy@ciob.org.uk


By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Better appreciate the boundaries of the Experts’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Be able to guide your team to better serve the needs of the appointed Expert in preparing his/her Expert Reports.
  • Be aware of where an Expert’s duty of care lies in formal dispute proceedings, and how this impacts an Expert’s approach to his/her Reports and cross-examination.
  • Be able to determine whether an Expert Determination process, is a more flexible and cost-efficient environment for resolving a particular dispute.
  • Learn how insurance policies might help in obtaining compensation for dispute events.


The course is applicable to construction and engineering professionals in mid-to-senior level position from a cross section of sectors, and who are involved in contract administration and dispute management, as well as legal counsel and paralegals who often use Expert Reports to manage their disputes.


Each module is structured as follows:

  • 30 minutes presentation of the topic.
  • 10 minutes review of a case study.
  • 20 minutes question and answer session.

The course will be delivered over 6 consecutive weeks.


Course Delivery

  • Accessing the live webinar sessions during the course require delegates to register using teams


The course will cover:

  • The roles and duties of Expert Witnesses – the things you should know
  • The role of a Delay Expert in dispute resolution
  • The role of a Quantum Expert in dispute resolution
  • The role of the Expert Determiner in construction disputes – a viable alternative to arbitration?
  • Management of the Expert Stage in construction litigation before the UAE courts
  • Types of insurance used in the construction industry in the Middle East


In this 30-10-20 course there is no formal assessment, but each attendee will be expected to participate in on-line polls and will be encouraged to contribute their experiences to the discussions through Q&A.